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Program is for Windows '95 or better ONLY




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Breed Rescue Software


Write this down - you will be prompted for a name and password to log in to the program. The name is CSS and there is no password - leave it blank.
This software package is made available FREE OF CHARGE to any organization wishing to track dogs in Rescue.
It is an attempt to "put back" some of the good I've encountered in this game, from many people, in several breeds.  My small way of saying "Thank You" for your support to the many people who have purchased and recommended Canine Specialty Software products.
The software will be installed with 5 dogs showing as currently being in rescue. These records can be deleted, BUT, I would strongly suggest you play with these records first, to get a feel for the program and the way it handles data.   Attempt to add a few records of your own before deleting the default records. There is no help file with this program, so you will be learing by trial and error.
The software is provided AS IS and I will not be making changes or alterations to suite specific breeds, clubs or needs.