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  AFTER you have installed the demo you will see a log-on box requesting a Name and a Password.  Enter css in the Name field and leave the Password field empty.

Instructions for Downloading Demo

click on the "Download 30 Day Demo" Button
when the Action Box called "Opening CSSDemo.EXE" Windows box appears, click on "Save it to Disk".

This will open a Windows Dialog box that will help you place the file in a location that is easily accessable to you.

Click on the down arrow associated with the box "Save In".  Choose "Desktop"
The demo file will download to your desktop.

From your desktop double click on the file called "CSSDemo.exe".   This will start the installation of the demo program.

Follow the instructions as they appear and accept all the defaults in the program installation.   When the program was installed you will see a box saying "Canine Specialty Software was installed Successfully. The program will then create a program group and program icons.
You can click on "C.S.S. 30 Day Demo" to go right to the demo program.
The next time you wish to start up the demo you need only click on "Start/Programs/Canine Specialty Software/C.S.S. 30 Day Demo.   You can also click and drag the icon onto your desktop for quicker access.
Any question?  E-Mail me at and I'll answer your questions ASAP!

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